Full scripts available upon request

Pleased To Meet Me (Nicholl Fellowship award winning script)

A young man crashes other people’s milestone events – anniversaries, weddings, bar mitzvahs, funerals – in the hopes of understanding their happiness and depth of feeling. He wants a taste of intimacy without the risk of getting hurt. But his M.O. falls apart when he crashes an art opening and meets a woman who understands and challenges him.

Who Gets The Andersons?

Two couples, the Andersons and the Lees, have been tight since college – The Four Musketeers. But all is not what it seems: the Lees are divorcing – but – very amiably. They agree on how to divvy up everything, down to the pair of teacup Maltese dogs they own: she gets one, he gets the other. But there’s one thing they can’t agree on: the Andersons. Who gets the Andersons? A comedy about what happens when couples split up and fight over their mutual friends.


Edwin is a dutiful son who unhappily works in the family business. His brother Jake is a happy-go-lucky slacker who lives in his parents’ garage, barely working at all. Jake does have a dream, though: to be a stand up comedian. But a serious brain tumor prevents him from going on stage.  Before going in for risky surgery, Jake makes an unusual “Last Request” of his brother: you, Edwin, go on stage for me, perform my stand up material, tape the performance, and, should I survive the surgery, show me the tape, so I can know if I have any talent. Edwin grudgingly obliges, and over the course of the film, dying Jake passes the torch of life to his brother, who learns to let go of past hurts and pursue his own dreams. Bottom line: it’s not how long you live, it’s how much.

The Pecking Order

The birth of punk rock as told by birds. An animated feature. In this all-bird world, mockingbirds mock, crows crow about themselves, and song birds sing. Other birds…don’t. The social order is strict. Enter Pip the pigeon, a bird at the bottom of the Pecking Order. He and two other outcast friends will follow their passion to sing anyway, and in the process, won’t just invent punk rock, but will overturn the rigid class system which for years has forced every bird to stay in its lane.

The United States Of Kevin

Kevin Fowler, a disenchanted Millennial fed up with politics, the cost of housing, an unfulfilling job, and, basically, modern western capitalist society, recruits two friends to start his own country. He did his homework: 201 nautical miles from shore and you are in neutral waters, can do what you will. As his movement grows, though, he discovers that governing is not as easy as he thought.