Howard Chesley

“Alfredo Botello, who has an eye for detail and an ear for dialogue, has somehow managed to create a new and different take on a young marriage gone wrong. It is both laugh-out-loud funny and acute in its perception. His powers as a writer of dead-on...

Mike Dirnt

“Loved it. 180 Days reads like coffee or drinks with an old friend. Smart, funny, emotional, and naughty. Filled with musical Easter eggs and authentic Bay Area details offered up in spades. It’s a painfully relatable love story that poses so many questions—and so...

Murray Silverstein – short

“What a deep and abiding pleasure to find in Alfredo Botello’s debut novel, 180 Days, a fresh voice to love. In this story of a marriage on the rocks and the wild, desperate, at times funny struggle to save it, Botello has created a real page-turner....

Elaine Szewczyk

“Screenwriter Alfredo Botello’s action-packed novel—part Bay Area love story, part punk rock anthem—is a race-against-the-clock tale that will remind readers of the profound power of redemption and second chances.”

Brian Krans

“180 Days is a timely, nerdy love letter to the Bay Area, long-lost-love-filled vacations staring at buildings in Barcelona, growing older, and the crushing realization that love takes work. A must-read for fans of 99 Percent Invisible and second chances.”